Thursday, April 6, 2017


Wassup everybody I'm in Cleveland it's so fun here.I came here because I had spring break and my
Mother won't it to do soming fun with me and sister so that why I'm here. How have you been ? I been good . I had so much test so that's why I haven't been posting.Im thinking about starting a
YouTube channel just for fun and vlog my live but I don't know if I won't to . In Cleveland I when
To the downtown and some Record store for my sister because she love collecting them . Have a
good week bye .

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March is here

Hey how have you been? I been good sorry i have been posting i been busy like I said be for about wait in tell the summer i well most more stuff like me outside having fun or trips that i take in the summer.Yesterday was my cousin birthday she turn 11 so i went to her hotel party it was all girl there i was so mad because there was all girls that the worst all girls and your the only boy.Some fun stuff i been doing is nothing because it's been so cold and i been having to study so much for these tests coming up so that what i been doing all this time.Today im going to the movies to see get out  i never saw it it's my first time seeing it so that all i'm doing see you later.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

black history month

Hi everyone sorry i having been posting i been so bust with school and stuff. How have you been ? i been good school is so fun  i had so much homework and stuff and studying for test. But I'm so happy that's all over with I'm going to start posting more on my blogger. Have a nice weekend . welcome to black history month here is the first quote.